Provision is made for two types of sponsorship: Team Sponsors and Player Sponsors. All sponsorship cheques must be made payable to the HEO U18 AAA League.

Team Sponsors

A team sponsor may be a corporation or organization that provides funding for the “Team”.

This funding is to be disbursed equally amongst the players’ account. The Team is responsible for recognizing the sponsor’s contribution.

Player Sponsorship

Players may seek individual sponsorship to offset their fees.

Players may recognize the sponsor via a sponsor bar on their jersey.

The player is responsible for any other recognition is the responsibility of the player (for example, sponsor plaque).

Players unable to obtain sponsorship by the payment due dates to the league, must contact the President to make arrangements for fee deferral.

The league minimum deposit is required prior to Showcase.

Sponsor Bars

  • One sponsor bar per jersey
  • Sponsor bar placement at bottom of jersey
  • Sponsor bar in approved colors/size to match their Home/Away jersey

Sponsorship Letter


For Sponsors

Please make cheques payable to “HEO U18 AAA League”.

Cheques can be mailed to:

c/o HEO U18 AAA League, 1391 Turner Cres, Orleans, ON K1E 2Y5

All sponsors will be provided with a receipt upon request.