Social Media Policy


All players Officially Team Rostered and participating in the HEO U18 AAA League are expected to read, understand and adhere to the Social Media Policy.

A copy will be provided for signature by the Team Liaison.


Social Media Policy

Social networking is defined as Internet services that allow users to build profiles, share information, videos, images, blog entries, music, etc: Social network platforms focus on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities.




This policy encompasses public communications through such Internet mediums and websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and any other social media network. It is applicable to all individuals involved in the operations of the HEO U18 AAA League (herein referred to as the HEO U18 AAA League). These individuals (hereafter called actors) include: players, coaches, general managers, governors, alternate governors, owners, administrative personnel, support staff, medical staff, scouts, on-ice and off-ice officials and League personnel.

The HEO U18 AAA League understands and appreciates the importance of social networking as it relates to the personal and professional lives of its stakeholders. This immediate and public forum provides unique opportunities for networking and promotion. However it also provides an unsupervised medium for inappropriate conduct to occur; conduct which can be detrimental to the welfare of the League and its actors.




The HEO U18 AAA League holds its actors, which use or participate in social networking, to the same standards as it does for all forms of media including television, radio and print. Its actors should act in a professional manner at all times since they represent the HEO U18 AAA League at all times. Of note that once published online, comments are on record and cannot be retracted. All actors are accountable for their comments. If requested to participate in an online network by a third party as a result of your affiliation with the HEO U18 AAA League, the League recommends that you decline the request or obtain the authorization of the administrative office. These policies are designed to protect all parties from harassment, stalking, inappropriate contact or behavior, however they are intended.




The following are examples of conduct through social media and networking mediums that are considered violations of this policy and which may be subject to disciplinary action by the HEO U18 AAA League, at the discretion of the President:


– Statements which are critical of League personnel, its programs, volunteers, employees, on-ice or off-ice officials, players, members, owners or operations staff, sponsors or any other actors.

– Divulging confidential information that may include, but is not limited to the following: trade talk or other player movement, medical history (injuries or other), game plans or strategies and any other information that is deemed confidential.

– Sharing or divulging photos, videos or comments which promote negative influences or criminal behavior, including but not limited to: drug use, alcohol abuse, public intoxication, sexual exploitation, etc.

– Online activity that contradicts the current policies of the HEO U18 AAA League.

– Inappropriate, derogatory, racist or sexist comments, fowl language of any kind and any further actions that contradict the policies outlined by the HEO U18 AAA League on these matters.


HEO U18 AAA League Sanctions


1. Obscenities = Minimum 1 Game  
2. Defaming a club team, individual member, executive or referee = Minimum 1 game
3. Racial, sexual orientation or threat = Minimum 3 games
4. Alcohol, drug or tobacco use photo = Minimum 1 game
5. Photo defaming league = Minimum 2 games
6. Repeat of any of the above = Minimum 1 game for each offence there after – indefinite for repeat offenders who aren’t learning from mistake.  
7. Rookie party/ hazing photos, tweets or mention = indefinite suspension until investigated.  Player will miss any games scheduled during the investigation, should no games be scheduled during the investigation there  be one game minimum. A team fine can also be assessed from a range of $1000.00- $5000.00 plus possible coach and management suspension. Discretion on the suspensions and fines will be left to the HEO U18 AAA League.




All HEO U18 AAA League Community actors should assume that they are representing the HEO U18 AAA League and/or its member clubs at all times. They must use good judgment when using social media.

Social media users must use discretion and be respectful; if a photo or a comment is considered inappropriate for other forms of media, then it must also be considered inappropriate for use on social media networks.

For either traditional or social media, the use of member club logos and use of the HEO U18 AAA League logo are forbidden unless first authorized by the entity responsible. Permission must be granted in writing for use of same. Production of said permission must be made available by the user upon request as proof to the HEO U18 AAA League or Member club requesting a copy. Failure to produce permission will warrant the appropriate discipline for the action.

Any parties including, actors, owners, general managers, coaches and club staff members are to advise the HEO Midget AAA League administrative office immediately of any inappropriate use of social media networks.


I agree to abide by the aforementioned HEO U18 AAA League Social Media Guidelines and use good judgment when using social media. I will accept any consequence enforced on me by the League or team for any inappropriate use of social media networks.                                                                                              


HEO U18 AAA League Social Media Policy