Player Affiliation


Players Eligible for Affiliation

Teams may affiliate players from the local Bantam AAA team.
Teams may affiliate players from the local U18 AA team.
To a maximum of 19 players.

Affiliation Reporting (TTM)

The HEO Midget AAA League utilizes the Total Team Management (TTM) system to track affiliation. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to ensure every affiliated player called up is logged through the TTM Affiliation system.

TTM Affiliation System Link

HEO U18 AAA League – Player Affiliation

The HEO U18 AAA league follows the 19-player affiliation system.

19-Player Affiliation:

  • An affiliation permission form must be completed for each player.
  •  A team may affiliate up to a maximum of 19 players.
  •  Prior to playing up on the affiliating team the player’s name must be added to the team list as an affiliate with status ‘approved’.
  • A player can be affiliated with only ONE team of a higher division or category in minor
  • Affiliates can be added to the team any time during the season up to the January 15th deadline in exceptional circumstances
  • Suspensions are always served with the registered team (it does not matter which team the player received the suspension with).
  • Teams should affiliate players from more than one team so game conflicts can be avoided.
  • Only players that will be used should be affiliated.


  • An affiliated player cannot be used if he is under suspension (until he serves his suspension with his own team).
  • Suspensions are always served with the player’s original team (regardless of which team the player got the suspension with).

Of important note:
Using an affiliated player without permission is equivalent to the use of an ineligible player and the Head Coach must attend a hearing with HEO Minor. The HEO U18 AAA League may apply further sanctions to the Team Officials.

The affiliation deadline to add a player to your roster: October 15th

The maximum number of games an affiliate may play is 10 games, excludes tournaments + exhibition.

Coaches, you are responsible for keeping track of the number of games:

  • Your player participates with a higher level team.
  • For players you affiliate from a lower level team – through the TTM Affiliation Module (coming soon!).

HC Reference:

Number of Games a Player May Play in Higher Divisions or Categories
35. a) A player of a team of a lower division or category of the same club, or of an affiliated team, or a specially affiliated player, may affiliate to a team or teams of higher Divisions and categories at any time, to a maximum of ten (10 games). However, if the players registered team completes its regular season and playoffs before the affiliated team or teams, the player may thereafter affiliate an unlimited number of times. For goaltender exceptions, see Regulations B.42, E.36 (b).
b) Exhibition and/or tournament games, which are not part of regular league games or playoff games, are excluded from the number of games referred to in Regulation E.35 (a).

Affiliation Form 

Affiliation Forms link on HEO Minor website

Affiliation Addendum Form PDF

Junior Special Affiliated Form

Affiliation Questions

For any affiliation questions, please contact the League Registrar.