Conduct Management


As Coaches in the HEO U18 AAA League, your parents and players may encounter situations which require assistance.

It is important to follow the chain of command and direct questions or complaints to the appropriate individuals within our league so they may be handled appropriately.

Your Team Liaison is your first point of contact for any issues that require assistance.


Hockey Team Related Issue

1) Parents and Players are expected to adhere to the 24-Hour Rule

2) Players may engage the Head Coach
Complaints with regards to other players bullying their player or being mistreated, must be reported to your Team Liaison whom will notify the Director of Risk & Discipline.

3) Parents may engage the Team Liaison

Head Coaches should defer any parental complaints to the Team Liaison.
4) Escalation
From time to time, parents may engage the Team Liaison and subsequently the League Executive.


Incident Reports


Members are encouraged to report breaches of conduct to their Team Liaison to be filed to the League’s Director of Risk & Discipline.

Incident Forms will only be accepted by the League from the Team Liaison.

Incidents must be filed within 30 calendar days of occurrence for consideration.