Conduct Management

Conduct Management

As members of the HEO U18 AAA League we may encounter situations which require assistance.

It is important to follow the chain of command and direct questions or complaints to the appropriate individuals within our league so they may be handled appropriately.


Hockey Team Related Issue


1) Adhere to the 24-Hour Rule
If you find yourself wanting to bring a hockey-issue forward, the first step is to abide by the 24 hour rule- take a step back and don’t do anything until you have exercised this rule.

2) Speak with your TEAM LIAISON
If you have a complaint that is hockey related to your player’s team, please talk to your Team Liaison first. Provide the Team Liaison the chance to understand the details surrounding your issue and the opportunity to respond.
*If your issue is in regards to your Team Liaison, please address your concerns directly to the HEO U18 AAA League Director of Risk & Discipline for consideration.
3) Escalate
If your issue isn’t addressed to your satisfaction, then contact the HEO U18 AAA League Director of Risk & Discipline and submit the issue in writing. The Director of Risk & Discipline will engage other Board Members as necessary on your behalf.


Breach of Conduct


Members are encouraged to report breaches of conduct to their Team Liaison to be filed to the League’s Director of Risk & Discipline.

Incident Forms will only be accepted by the League from the Team Liaison.

Incidents must be filed within 30 calendar days of occurrence for consideration.